Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

The kind of hurt of feeling completely alone. No one to talk to, no where to go, and seeing no hope. Blinded by the hands over my eyes, and restrained by the pain in my chest. Who knew loosing your breath would be such a test. Take everything from me, strip my soul, tell me what Iv ruined and how Im growing old. Your name is on my possessions, but mine is on my heart, your control will fade and break, my heart you cannot restart. I cry out for attention and out comes the hammer, what cure can come from love is that of anger. No warmth can calm this cold in a house of tension, what's been torn down we do not mention. The one thing keeping me strong is the one thing that makes me feel that I belong. His passion and strength has not faded, and his heart and patience has not been jaded. How did I end up in restraints by reaching out, now I remember why not to shout. Lie and deceive and keep to myself, so Iv been taught to protect myself. Keep things easy, do not complicate; maybe next time the water stirs, it wont be my fate.