Saturday, October 23, 2010

As I toss and turn and tear apart my head until the sun rises across my bed, I soon realize that maybe, just maybe, I'm not as strong as I put off to be. I pretend I don't like you, in fear of loosing my best friend, for once before I went down that route and it had a twisted end.  I laugh and I cry and your there holding a smile, and some cheezy joke without going the extra mile. When my day didn't feel quit right, I soon realized it's not the cup of coffee in my hand or the over slept naps, but it was you all along there to make me laugh. I'm sorry I held back, I'm sorry for being a shitty friend, the truth of the matter is I wanted to keep you around forever without an end.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

COMUNE is premiering its BLKHLZINVZFS video installation 10.23.2010 
Being wild and reckless always appears more pleasurable then it turns out to be. 

Never have i felt so incredibly lonely and abandoned, when i never had anything to begin with. is it possible to be so love sick and not be in love. why is lifes loneliness so cold and ruthless when least expected. swollen eyes and sleepless nights become routine. you run so swiftly through my dreams, threading all my impulses at its seams. i felt your finger tips through my hair, your soft whispers down my neck in the midnight air. standing there alone in the fog, as quick as you came, you were soon gone. who are you soul of my dreams, the lust i will not capture, the hope ill never meet. you leave me breathless and weak in the knees, i could only imagine this dream become day, when you no longer stand alone, but with me as we lay.